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The podcast where psychiatrists answer listener questions.

Recent Episodes

29. Therapy Anxiety; Diagnosis; Good Enough Bond

March 8, 2023

In the first question, a listener gets really nervous around her therapist and wonders if it’s even worth it. Our second question (at the 16:40 minute mark) is from someone who wonders why her therapist isn’t talking about t…

28. Crowdsourcing Decisions; Do I Need to Hate My Therapist?

Feb. 22, 2023

In the first question a listener is struggling with her boyfriend's need to crowdsource information before making any decisions--from sharing personal details of their relationship with his family to checking Reddit to find …

27. When Interpretations Don't Land Well

Feb. 1, 2023

This episode is all about interpretations. We have questions from both sides of the therapy room. The first question comes from a listener who is a therapist. She wonders how to recover from the sting when an interpretation …

26. Therapist's Office; Longing For My Therapist; Kids Leaving Football

Jan. 18, 2023

A listener finds security in her therapist's office and wonders about the thought that goes into the decor of an office. Our second question (starting at the 16 minute mark) comes from someone longing for her therapist and i…

25. Therapist Says I'm Not Trying; Better But It's Not Me

Jan. 4, 2023

Our listener in part 1 is worried because his therapist doesn't think he's trying hard enough to get better and he's afraid his treatment will end as a result.  In part 2 (around 19 minutes) a listener says the antidepressan…

24. First Birthday: Questions About Us and the Show

Dec. 14, 2022

To celebrate our first birthday, listeners ask us about the show. Among other things, we discuss our motivation for doing a podcast, what we've learned, and the experience of having patients listen to the show. It's self-ind…