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Christopher Mitchell

As a therapist in training I want to share how much I learn from your show. Your thoughtful answers -- and your humorous exchanges --give me a good sense of a patient oriented practice. Can't wait to hear more next year.

New and hooked!

What a refreshing and honest conversation. Even though the hosts seem to wonder at times about the value of being vulnerable, they are out there trying it. Kudos from a new listener. I'm going to tune in more.

Great birthday show!

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for creating such an impactful podcast! You are making a difference for me and many others.

Love your show!

I'm a loyal listener and have benefitted from hearing your honest, funny, and thoughtful take on what happens in the therapy room. I am excited to listen to your anniversary show and hearing more from Dave and Abby and learning more about your podcast.

Excellent podcast!

I am a first year resident and I absolutely love this podcast. I believe it’s important for everyone to become more aware of the nuances of the therapeutic relationship and also how psychiatrists view treatment options. Thank you, Dave and Abby, for providing this great resource.

Worth Listening.

I absolutely love this podcast. The topics are varied which keeps it fun to listen to. I have sent specific episodes to my friends and family. You guys are great.

Insightful and Fun Answers

I understand much better how therapists prepare for each session. Your discussion was thoughtful and helped me picture how you switch so quickly from one client to the next. I get it now.

Insightful, empathetic, and smart.

My favorite new podcast! Thanks for sharing your expertise for people like me who are new to therapy. You are both so compassionate and smart. Your patients are lucky to have you.

Thanks for answering my question

I loved hearing your perspective on therapy notes. It makes me feel so much better. Appreciate your show and how you help us that are new to this experience.

I understand psychedelics are so much better

I particularly enjoyed the episode about psychedelics. I like how Dave put it into historical context.


I am a psychiatrist and appreciate work-related podcasts on my commute, but many can get dry. These hosts share my appreciation for how important therapy is, and they’re knowledgeable but remain funny, conversational, and real!