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Jan. 18, 2023

26. Therapist's Office; Longing For My Therapist; Kids Leaving Football

26. Therapist's Office; Longing For My Therapist; Kids Leaving Football

A listener finds security in her therapist's office and wonders about the thought that goes into the decor of an office. 

Our second question (starting at the 16 minute mark) comes from someone longing for her therapist and is curious where this comes from and why she monitors his physical appearance and body language so closely. 

Finally (at minute 24), a mother plans to stop her kids from playing football but is concerned about the emotional and social fallout in her Texas community. 

There's also feedback on episode 25 and a brief discussion of psychiatrist Dr. Valerie Kinbott from Netflix's Wednesday. 

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American Academy of Pediatrics position paper on tackling in youth football:

JAMA article mentioned in this episode about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy:




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